Start Quicken security prices not updating

Quicken security prices not updating

DO NOT BUY THEIR product until their issues are fixed. Quit making so many upgrades that your own technology cannot keep up. I have been using Quicken since 2001 and upgraded a few times.

Then I recieve Error message Reckon accounts launcher has stopped working... Reading and installing the recommendations did not solve the problem.

And now getting to this site via the Reckon online site, I now recieve running script errors on top of my problems.

So today I was going to download the new program when I opened my laptop and did not see the Quicken icon on my desktop.

Now that I think of it, it's not been there for a while but I did not need it so I just didn't really notice.

After reading some of the other reviews, I'm not expecting a good outcome!!!

Like many others, I've used Quicken for many years. Most of the time I can simply re-open it and go about my business.

The program Quicken couldn't download transactions from the bank and make me secure in the belief that the data is accurate. Unfortunately, Quicken has to provide an "update" every year in order to make money.

I tried several ways of moving my data from the source file to another NEW file so I could be sure that the database was simply accurate and not scrambled. All the transactions worked as they were supposed to and the processes were correct too. I now do a process every so often when I either reach a plateau of activity or the new data that I'm going to enter is particularly unique or even when I'm going to start changing the text in many transactions significantly and I want to protect the existing transactions from irrevocable harm. These updates have made Quicken completely unusable. Now someone could make a lot of money to provide a replacement for this terrible company. Like everyone else, I discovered that Quicken is not what it was when Intuit owned it.

Might as well just enter them manually every month. I did not really like 2014 prior to my moving my files due to the fact that the screen seemed to roll after each transaction and my sound was not working. Shortly after moving the 2014 to my new laptop, I began to experience opening problems and would have to go to the actual app on the start page of Windows 8.1 to open it, and sometimes was getting an error upon trying to open using the desktop shortcut, as if the program could not be found.

I knew that in April of 2017 Quicken would need to be updated again in order to be able to download the transactions from my bank and credit card companies.

I haven't had many of the severe errors or problems that I see written at this site, but I have had a couple that I will relate.